2021 Virtual Training


To ring in the New Year, we have completely reimagined our virtual training options to best suit our student athletes. The goal behind these courses is to provide the knowledge and expertise of our top coaches at scale to all of our student athletes.

With that in mind, we have built out a tremendous offering of pre-recorded and live training options for our athletes to dive into starting January 11th. Without further adieu, check out our 2021 virtual training options:

Pillars of Performance: Movement Skills to Jump Higher and Hit Harder (Mondays)

Led by Austin Einhorn or Apiros Team, this pre-recorded (at your own pace) course is designed to provide athletes with a 12-week at-home training regimen to help develop the technique and movement mechanics required to compete at the highest level (while also preventing injury!). Austin is a leader in the field of human performance and skill acquisition and has worked with Stanford Men's Volleyball, numerous professional beach and indoor athletes, and members of both the NFL, NHL, and MLB. If you are interested in increasing your vert and building strength at-home (without the need for gym access or expensive equipment) then you will love this course!

Leadership Development (Tuesdays @ 8:00 pm)

Led by coach John Castillo, this weekly Zoom course athletes will overview the tactics, strategies, and routines used by world class performers. These topics are then broken down and related back to how our athletes can work this into their own daily lives at volleyball practice, school, or other extracurricular activities. Teaching tools used: book excerpts, short videos, journaling, interactive games and more!

College Volleyball Recruiting 101 (Wednesdays @ 8:00 pm)

Led by Club Director Matt Houlihan, this course is made for athletes that are interested in pursuing college volleyball after high school. This program will be a mixture of pre-recorded seminars coupled with weekly "office hours" on Wednesday nights to provide athletes a road map through the college recruitment journey, overview the fundamentals of college recruiting, and dive into best practices for athletes in communicating with college coaches.

Film Review (Thursdays)

Each Thursday, coach Chad Gordon uploads a Film Review covering a specific topic, skill, or strategy used at the highest levels of the game. For example, when discussing float serve passing coach Chad will pull video from the Polish Plus Liga, the FIVB World Championships, or even a Bay to Bay practice to visually show the skill being performed and break down how our athletes can work these skills into their game. Other topics include: jump serving, setting, pin hitter attacking, defensive strategies, blocking schemes, and more!

Bundle All Four And Save!

As a leadership group, we constantly ask ourselves the question: "What do we wish we would have had access to when we were playing club volleyball?"

These courses are a direct reflection of our answers. Our aim is to provide an opportunity to explore an "off the court" topic in a way that we would not normally be able. That means that our lead coaches can dig down deeper with a select group of athletes in their pursuit on a topic that they themselves are extremely passionate about!

From providing athletes more guidance on the college recruitment process to shepherding them through the initial phases of strength & conditioning, these courses were built from the ground up with our athletes in mind.

A-La-Carte Training Options

Pillars of Performance

12-week at-home training program to jump higher and hit harder! No expensive equipment or gym membership needed 💪 


College Recruitment 101

Interactive roadmap and guidance for high school athletes interested in pursuing college volleyball. Mixture of pre-recorded seminars and virtual office hours.


Leadership Development

During this live weekly Zoom course we will overview the tactics, strategies, and routines used by world class performers and discuss how athletes can work them into their own lives.


Film Review

Video breakdowns from professional and collegiate volleyball covering a specific topic, skill, or strategy used at the highest levels of the game.


Bundle all Four to Save!


Classes you actually want to take.

We know Zoom fatigue is real, that is why our virtual training options are designed to be as interactive and entertaining as possible: like listening to a podcast or watching a tv show, except there is a volleyball or life lesson behind each session.

Trust us, we will be the first to say that our virtual training is not for everyone. In fact, that is the way we want it. By developing these courses for the select student athletes that are passionate about raising their game, we are able to dig deeper into the topic and help those students extract even more from the trainings.

Each of our virtual training courses comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don't love them then you get a full refund, no questions asked.

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A-La-Carte Courses

$15 - $33/mo

Top features

  • Leadership Development ($15/mo)
  • Film Review ($15/mo)
  • College Recruitment 101 ($33/mo)
  • Pillars of Performance ($33/mo)

Virtual Training Bundle


Top features

  • Bundle and Save $33/mo
  • Leadership Development
  • Film Review
  • College Recruitment 101
  • Pillars of Performance