Pre-Recorded Setters Practices

Develop your setting mechanics, wrist strength, and accuracy with our pre-recorded at-home training!

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Develop your setting mechanics

Using clear and concise technical training we are able to develop a consistent soft touch on the ball. This results in better accuracy and deception!

Increase your wrist strength

Wrist strength along with proper mechanics allows setters to move the ball with accuracy from anywhere on the court. Our medicine ball exercises will do just that!

Gain confidence in your hands

Our weekly at-home setters practices will get you literally thousands of reps setting. We will help you develop a solid setting foundation and teach you some helpful tricks along the way.

"I learned more through Coach Arielle's setters practices than I ever could have imagined. It gave me the confidence to go out and pursue college volleyball and helped me earn a scholarship to Penn State University"

Nathan Smith
Bay to Bay & Penn State Alum

The Best Setters Practice You Will Find.

I promise, these practices won't be easy, but they will be worth it.

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