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Kansas City BBQ Scouting Report

Jun 29, 2021

As our Bay to Bay teams travel in to Kansas City this week 13-Premier coach Kevin Lord put together a list of highly recommended KC BBQ spots within close distance to the convention center (as well as a few spots that are further away but you love great BBQ).

Kevin played collegiate volleyball just outside of Kansas City for two years and has plenty of first hand experience with the BBQ spots on the list. 

Made a List of some BBQ places near the convention center and a couple of ones that are a bit farther for those who want to travel.
Great BBQ Near the Convention Center
  • Arthur Byrant's - One of the OG's of Kansas City Barbeque, Most famous for their ribs, burnt ends and sauce.  The original location is somewhat close to the convention center at 1727 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127.  Can't go wrong with any of the meats.
  • Gates - What is considered the other OG of Kansas City Barbeque, refused to make burnt ends till about 20 years ago.  Ribs, burnt ends and the sauce are what they are famous for.  Can't go wrong with any of the meats. 1221 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127
  • Jackstack- Not the most famous barbeque but is still really good.  This is more of a restaurant than the other two, great for Team Dinners. 101 W 22nd St #300, Kansas City, MO 64108


  • Slap's BBQ - Honestly have never been here, it's new and has picked up a big following quickly in a very hard market to do so.  553 Central Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101
Great BBQ that is worth the drive
Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que - The famous gas station barbeque combination.  Great Barbeque worth the trip.
Q39 - New age BBQ.  This is the place they call "gourmet Barbecue".  Combining new styles with Kansas City style BBQ to create a new twist to BBQ. 1000 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111

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