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NCVA Power League Qualifier Recap

Sep 20, 2021

After a full year hiatus, Northern California power league returned and it was great to have our local volleyball community back together again competing at the Power League Qualifier (PLQ) at the Grounds in Roseville over the past two weekends. Here is a quick run down on how each of the teams fared during the PLQ:

Bay to Bay 18-1: The 18-1's entered the tournament with the #1 overall seed in Northern California and held their seed through the weekend by going 7-0. The 18's also helped lead the charge on weekend 1 of getting teams together to go cheer on other Bay to Bay teams, including a few rushed courts ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Bay to Bay 18-Premier: The 18-Premier team came in seeded 14th but suffered 2 match losses in their opening pool. They won their next four matches in a row to finish 5-2 and will start Power League 1 in the fourth division. 

Bay to Bay 17-1: Coach Alex and Ryan's team entered the tournament as the #4 overall seed coming off of their Bronze medal finish at Junior Nationals this past season. The boys finished 7-0 and only dropped two sets throughout the weekend (once to Aspire 18's and once to Bay to Bay 17-Club).

Bay to Bay 17-Premier: Coach Josh and John's team came into the weekend with the #11 seed in the 18's division but they finished as the #5 overall after an impressive 7-1 finish. The only loss of the tournament came when the boys pushed the #3 overall seed PacRim to three sets but lost a close 11-15 third set.

Bay to Bay 17-Club: Coach Lavelle and Andrew's team came into the weekend with the #16 overall seed and finished with a record of 4-4 which places them in the Silver division for Power League #1. They had a quality win over Main Beach 18-1's and pushed Bay to Bay 17-1 to three sets after a super strong second set performance.

Bay to Bay 16-1: Coach Frank and Allie's team are playing up in the 18's division and came in with the #12 overall seed after their Silver medal performance in the 15's division this past Summer. They finished the tournament with a 6-2 record only losing to Bay to Bay 17-1 (18-25, 12-25) and MVVC 17-1 (23-25, 21-25).

Bay to Bay 16-Premier: Coach Ryan and Colton's team are also playing up in the 18's division and the boys entered with the #38 overall seed in the tournament. The team went 3-4 on the weekend and played at a very high level against some very strong competition. The 16-Premier team will start the season in the Bronze division of 18's.

Bay to Bay 16-Club: Coach Zac and Nick's team came out firing at PLQ with a quick 5-0 start but ended up dropping two close matches in their Gold/Silver challenge pool. The boys will begin the year in the Silver division.

Bay to Bay 15-1: Coach Chad and Javi's team entered the tournament as the #35 overall seed after their Bronze medal performance at Junior Nationals last Summer. The team went 4-3 on the weekend with some big wins over Absolute 18-1, Aspire 17-1's, and Fresno 18-1's. The team finished with the #13 seed and will begin the year in the Silver division.

Bay to Bay 15-Premier: Coach Gregg and Natalie's team went 2-5 on the weekend going to third sets an impressive (and heart rate elevating) five times! The boys played some great volleyball throughout the weekend and showed lots of grit in their early season matches, a great sign for the future. The 15-Premier team will start the season in the Silver division of 16's.

Bay to Bay 15-Club: Coach Erin and Luke's team battled their way through the tournament to earn a position in the Silver division of the 16's division. The boys went 3-5 on the weekend with quality wins over Lost Coast, Absolute, and SF Elite. For weekend 2, the 15-Club team led the charge of cheering for other teams making it a point to go and support whenever they were off.

Bay to Bay 14-1: Coach Arielle and Matt's team played up in the 16's division and proved they were up to the challenge by earning a spot in the Silver division for Power League #1. The 14-1's pushed the #3 overall seed and the #7 overall seed to three sets and are eager to get back into the gym to work on their game.

Bay to Bay 14-Premier: Coach BJ and Sarah's squad went 5-2 on the weekend and earned a spot in the Gold division of Power League #1. The boys had quality wins over PacRim 14-1's, SF Elite, and BAVC.

Bay to Bay 14-Club: Coach Andrew and Cassie's team 3-5 on the weekend and earned themselves a position in the Silver division of 14's. The team had quality wins over Core, MVVC, and Slainte. The team will face off with our 13-1's team during the initial pool of Power League #1.

Bay to Bay 13-1: Coach Arin and Pin-Joe's team went 4-4 on the weekend with wins over NorCal, 650 Extreme, and Diablo. The boys finished the tournament by overtaking the #13 overall seed (one out of Gold) and will look to carry that momentum into Power League #1.

Bay to Bay 13-Premier: Coach Jon and Brendan's squad lost all of their matches during the Power League Qualifier but you never would have known by the looks on their faces. The boys did a fantastic job of keeping their heads up and working hard on their skills throughout the event. As well, the 13-Premier group did a fantastic job of going and watching the older kids playing as they were a constant fixture on the 18-1's sideline.

Bay to Bay 12-1: Coach Mason and Freddy's team went 2-2 during the Power League Qualifier. This being the first tournament of most of these young men's careers, it was awesome to see so much passion and energy while they played. No moment of the weekend was better than coach Mason's post tournament speech to his 12's team, take a look at this 40 second video if you would like your heart warmed.

Want to check out the full results and future schedule for Power League? Click here.

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