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Thankful Thursday: Allison Walewski

Nov 12, 2020

Where to begin with Coach Allie?

Allie has been contributing to the volleyball community for her entire adult life, and we have been lucky enough to have her as a part of Bay to Bay for the past 7 years. Allie brings a tremendous amount of love, energy, and humor to her teams and the club as a whole.

She is often seen as the Yin to coach Franks Yang. Allie is a dependable voice with a fantastic overall understanding of what it takes to be successful as a volleyball player as well as a human being. Throughout her tenure, coach Allie has helped lead our Bay to Bay teams to 4-top finishes at USA Volleyball Junior Nationals, including 1 Silver medal in the 13's division and a National Championship in the 14's division in 2019.

Most importantly, Allie cares deeply about her athletes, their parents, and Bay to Bay as a whole. Thank you for being such a fantastic representative of Bay to Bay, and for always keeping coach Frank (and Ryan Sullivan ๐Ÿ˜‰) in line.

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