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Thankful Thursday: Joshua Nolan

Oct 29, 2020

Josh Nolan has been one of the unsung heroes of Bay to Bay for the past three years. From the outside looking in, players, parents, and coaches will recognize Josh as one of the staple head coaches in the club. He has assisted and head coached a number of different age group and experience levels, but that is only one small piece of the contributions that Josh has made to the club.

Over the course of his tenure, Josh has:

  • Coached at every mid-week skills practices (Pin Hitters, Setters, Middles/Liberos)
  • Brought equipment to and from the gym when there was no more room in my car (a common occurrence ๐Ÿ˜‡)
  • Coached at every beach practice 
  • Arrived early to the gym to help set up nets and be available to help out
  • Designed the logos for our Strength & Conditioning and Grass Club programs
  • Created t-shirt designs for our Bay to Bay online store
  • Filmed videos and taken photos during practices for our social media channels
  • Helped run check-in and temperature scans for incoming athletes
  • All while also coaching his team to a top-10 national rankings as a "2's" team



Josh is one of the kindest, hardest working, and generally likable people I have come to know. Thanks for all that you do for Bay to Bay, our club wouldn't be the same without amazing coaches like you!

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